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Marta Margherita Mattalia

Marta Margherita Mattalia was conceived in Algeria and born in Italy in a date made by 3 prime numbers. She graduated in Afro-american Singing at Music Academy, and after received a master’s degree in Storytelling and Performing Arts at Scuola Holden in Torino. She dives inside the voice through the spiritual tradition of Baul, and Indian Indian classical music of Dhrupad. Since 4 years she is travelling around the world, exploring the sound and the infinite ways to exist as human beings. When she’s foreing she feels at home.


Bhopali Raga

Please for a few minutes close your eyes, relax and try to go into the mantra…OM

These are the lyrics transliteration from Sanskrit / Hindi

Shankara Suta Ganesha, Vighna

Vinaasana. Gowri Nandana, Buddhi Vidhaata.

Mangala Daayaka, Tuma Ho Kripa Sindhu.

Mooshaka Vaahana, Kaato saba kalesha.

Jaja jaya Ganaadheesha, Suranara Poojita.

Bhaktana ke Hita, Karata Ho Aadesha.


Rhada Govinda


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